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Here at Carwurx we also cater for the older vehicles out there, although it is not our concentrated area of the motor trade it is something we will do for our customers. We can service and maintain your cherished classic vehicle, or give it a spring time checkover to make sure its ready to be enjoyed for the summer months. We can carryout a ground up restoration on your vehicle, or new project, and bring it back to its former glory, or turn it into something a bit different! Call in to discuss your requirements

Some previous work/current projects


We carried out a full mechanical checkover of this vehicle for our customer, we carried out a full engine service replacing ALL filters and service items, a full carburettor strip down and rebuild and replaced the complete ignition system. Once the car was mechanically sound, including new shockers and fully cleaned and adjusted brakes we began customising the car to the customers requirements.

The aim was for a slight rat-look, not to be trying too hard, and some other subtle touches. The car was after all to be used as a daily driver, and travels a 30 mile round trip every day! We lowered the suspension, fitted the black EMPI alloy wheels with skinny front tyres and oversize rears. The relocation of the front number plate and fitting some chrome arch gaurds helped tweak the look, and then the old-school roofrack just to set the whole thing off.

PEUGEOT 306 GTI-6 Ph.3

More a modern classic this time, this red hot 306 gti6 (the last great car Peugeot built and a personal favourite of ours here at carwurx) came in for a mid-life spruce up. Mechanically sound and mint inside, we got it looking the part too with a minimal budget that wouldn't allow any painting. The suspension height was adjusted and reset to a sportier level, and the rear axle adjusted to match. Slightly damaged front wing, bumper and door were replaced with same colour items, the sorry looking alloys got a refurb and a bit of engine bay detailing all added up to make this car look as good as it is again.


This is a real retro old school classic, rescued from a farmers yard this Passat had been somebodys pride and joy. The original owner kept it for almost 30 years, at which point a vee dub enthusiast got his hands on it, fitting some alloys and taking it to the shows. Then the novelty wore off and the car sat in a farmers yard, until we got hold of it just in time! The car struggled to run at first, but with some new filters and more importantly some new fuel lines fitted the car fired straight up, new ignition parts and a little fettling and all was well under the bonnet. we then set about the structure of the car, removing the front wings exposed the weak spot on these cars. A reasonable amount of rebuilding was required around the front inner wings/A post area's, and to the rear of the floor sills. Once the welding was complete all panels and trims were refitted, underseals applied and a minimal amount of painting, to keep the retro looks. Another car that went on to be a daily driver!

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