Cambelts/Timing Belts

Is your cambelt due? Or dont you know? Whats the mileage interval for it changing? Does your car even have a cambelt? Call in at Carwurx Leeds based workshop for a free check to set your mind at ease. Many cars are on timing chains so dont require a cambelt change, but the majority are running cambelts and the replacement intervals on these cambelts range from 36,000 miles to 120,000 miles. As you can see thats a major difference, but its easy to change your car and forget to check the age of the cambelt or the replacement interval, and once you go over that mileage limit, then its a question of 'when' not 'if' your cambelt will fail. A snapped timing belt will generally result in a repair bill upwards of £500 dependant upon damage, so dont risk it, get it checked and a replacement price today!


At Carwurx we believe in good engineering practice, it is considered good practice when replacing a cambelt to replace the guide wheels and tensioner pulley, these are what makes the difference between a cambelt, and a cambelt kit. These kits range from £20 more than the belt alone, to £80 more than the belt, dependant on engine specs. It is not uncommon for a new cambelt to fail, after the new belt is fitted it is re-tensioned, this full tension that is now loaded against all the tensioner and guide pulleys will accelerate the wear in the bearings. If the bearing fails, whichever way it fails, the belt will fail shortly after. So we always recommend fitting a cambelt kit.

It is also considered good practice to replace the water pump if its driven from the cambelt, for similar reasons to above. The pump will unlikely fail in a way that causes belt failure too, however, they can very easily develop water leaks. If a pump is worn, but running with a relatively loose cambelt it may be fine. But replace the cambelt and apply the new tension to it, and then run the vehicle, it wont take too long before it starts to seep a little water through. This could lead eventually to the belt to fail due to contamination, or to an engine overheating failure.

So when we advise you have these additional items it may be that your original hasnt actually failed yet, its not to ramp up your bill, its part of our pro-active approach to keeping you on the road.

We do not insist on fitting these parts, at the end of the day its your car and your money, so its your decision. We can agree a price and a job to suit all budgets, so call today for a quote.




To the right and below are some examples of severe engine damage/failure, cambelt failure leads to pistons and valves connecting at high speed. Usually bending valves, but at motorway speed could result in the images you see here, needless to say, but this engine is scrap.

Clutches and Dual Mass Flywheels

Need your clutch replacing, try a quote from carwurx first. Again we can build a job for your budget, we normally recommend fitting a 3 piece clutch kit and will always price that as the best option. Some of todays release bearings can be expensive though, but thats something we discuss and agree on with the customer on an individual basis. All gearboxes are refilled with new gear oil, we dont re-use any fluids we take from your vehicle.


Does your car have a dreaded DMF? Dual Mass Flywheels came along to make life easier and driving smoother in heavy diesel engine vehicles. However they have made life harder for some people, with early types often failing before the clutch had worn out they have now become something of a service item themselves. Due to the reduction in prices of these components, and the high cost of labour to replace a clutch or flywheel, it is now thought of as good practice to replace the DMF when replacing the clutch. Due to the fact they are almost impossible to judge, a car may rattle/shake/squeak or even struggle to start (all sympoms of DMF failure) yet the DMF itself may physically and visually seem ok, yet a vehicle with no driveability issues may come in for a clutch, and be found to have excessive movement in the flywheel.

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