Dealer Level Diagnostic Capabilities

Todays vehicles are packed full of highly advanced computer systems, some vehicles can carry 40 or 50 seperate ECU's (Electronic Control Unit's) controlling everything from your seat and mirror adjustments to your brakes, suspension and engine. These computers are connected by vast wiring looms, on newer vehicles they are connected by high speed digital networks sending info around the car all the time and on really high end vehicles even fibre-optic networks!

Because of this the need for high level diagnostics is now greater than ever, a small glitch in a network may cause chaos and manifest itself in all kinds of ways within your car. For example, a small water leak into the boot of your car may cause the engine not to start. To help us diagnose these problems we need quality tools. Obviously dealers own manufacturer specific tools are the best for their vehicles (although this doesnt always gaurantee a successful repair), but non dealer tools are now on the same level.

Even servicing on modern vehicles requires some kind of diagnostic tool for resetting service lights or oil wear counters.

Some of our Diagnostic Pricing


  • Diagnostic Read/Print/Clear £25 This is the first step when encountering a fault. We will connect to your vehicle and carryout a diagnostic readout, which you will receive a copy of. We will then clear out any fault codes and check the vehicle.
  • Diagnostic Hour £50 This is the next step, if the vehicle has an in depth problem that may take longer to find and rectify. You first hour includes the read/print/clear and the hours labour (normally £60 separately) any additional hours are charged at the normal labour rate of £35
  • Service Lights £20 If you have your vehicle serviced at Carwurx then your light will be reset free of charge. If you service your own car and want the light turning off then its a £20 charge, significantly cheaper than any dealer. Discounts available for trade.


















































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