Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removal and Deletion

This is a service for track or race cars, or show cars and is not suitable for use on UK public roads


We offer complete Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF/FAP) removal solutions in the Leeds area. DPF’s are fitted to most modern diesel cars. 

We can completely remove the DPF filter and delete the DPF programming from your track or race cars electronic control unit (ECU). Once the DPF Delete has been carried out any related warning lights will disappear and regenerations will cease completely, with the added bonus of a free flowing exhaust.


Our prices for DPF removal at our Leeds based garage start from as little as £349, but its not a fixed price service so please call in today for an accurate price. This price is for the complete job, including an initial diagnostic session, the physical removal of the filter unit, the remapping of the ECU software and a final diagnostic session and roadtest, and are usually completed within one working day. Beware, lesser companies prices start at £299 just for the ECU software remap.


(DPF deletion is not recommended for all vehicles, and is for show/track cars only. Carwurx are not resposible for you driving the vehicle on the roads, please check any legal implications.)


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